What we’re up to this month – November

Grovelands Farmhouse – Testimonial

“Someone once said to me ‘I know a lady and if she can’t get you through planning nobody can’, whether that is entirely true or not I cannot say, but what I do know is that Kim Sankey of Angel Architects worked wonders for us!

Having had our Listed Planning Application turned down a year earlier I knew we needed someone who not only understood the planning process inside and out but who was equally good at communicating between client and planning department.

Kim listened to our exact requirements, responding with sensitive and innovative ideas and took the reins guiding dialogue from application through to approval.

A no nonsense, hard working individual with the added bonus of offering a quotation rather than an estimate.  I can’t sing Kim’s and Angel Architects praises highly enough!”

Iain & Debbie Luck

16 Coombe Street, Lyme Regis

Regularisation works to enable the sale of a Grade II listed building in the historic core of Lyme Regis.  The applicants had done a fantastic job on the interior and these before and after pics don’t do it justice. Obviously any alterations to a listed property require consent and often the works uncover historic features that add value.