Weekly Blog – 34

I have just completed my eight-week internship at Angel Architecture. It has been such a varied and interesting experience; my understanding of both life in practice and working with historic buildings has grown in ways that university courses could never achieve.

I have helped to complete several applications for planning and listed building consent, including a Grade II thatched cottage, a cottage with a rope walk and a council run scheme for electric solar ports. Each project required me to consider different aspects of the site and the client’s needs. However, they all required a set of existing and proposed drawings and a design and access statement.

Working throughout Covid-19 brought about its challenges. The past eight weeks saw me working from home and in the office, but working in both locations required good communication between everyone – successful design is centered around good communication.

Working in the office with Helena and Kim, has been both fun and enjoyable – hopefully a great taster of what is to come.