Weekly Blog – 46

Another two applications for listed building consent approved by Dorset and East Devon for alterations to listed buildings, one retrospective and the other for the insertion of a wood-burning stove, raising a chimney and replacing all the modern C20 windows with double glazing on the roadside.

There has always been a very different approach to alterations depending on each local authority.  Some councils object to even raising the chimney to an existing wood-burning stove (to make it compliant for insurance and Building Regs purposes) and others are so consistently helpful it is hard to believe that we are all playing by the same rules, that is the National Planning Policy Framework or NPPF (amended 2021).

Since 700,000 people moved out of London in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle during and after Covid, we have seen more clients seeking to improve the quality of their houses and home offices which often happen to be listed buildings. Unless we can future proof the existing built environment by insulating, upgrading and looking for innovative methods of heating and cooling we haven’t a hope of saving the planet. We are committed to seeking a more sustainable outcome for every project, irrespective of the local authority area.