Angel Blog – Week 22

The start of summer sees a commission for a glasshouse inspired by this one by Woodpecker Joinery based in Bramshall, Staffordshire for BBC Gardeners World.

We have recently been granted planning permission and listed building consent for some outbuildings to a beautiful Grade II listed farmhouse in the Dorset countryside.

This approach was exactly what the Client had envisaged a south and east L shaped room with access to the garden, utilitarian compost bins and a log store behind.  The two roof vents in the patent glazing mean that none of the full height windows along the elevations need to open.     

Woodpecker Joinery, built for BBC Gardeners World

The sash windows on the first floor of this 1721 house are unusual in that they are not hung on sash cords and counterbalanced with lead weights but only the bottom sash slides and is held in position by one of these brass catches.

The sashes are incredibly slender in profile and vulnerable to bowing at the bottom rail as seen in these images. It might have been a case of building sashes on the face of ashlar without building in complete sash boxes but this is really something that is unique to this building and quite charming.