August News

Architects are the guardians of the built environment.

It is incumbent on all of us who are professionally trained in multiple skills, to collaborate, balance risk and problem solve.  We cannot work effectively on shoestring fees, unreasonable time constraints or low budgets.

The service we provide is bespoke to every one of our clients and their historic buildings, regardless of their status.  The projects that we work on are sometimes complicated and require expertise and input from others.  Collaboration with one or more architects is becoming more popular with clients who recognise that together we can not only add value to building projects but push it over the line.  The goal is not only to achieve planning permission/listed building consent but to achieve an outstanding design solution with the support of other stakeholders including the local community and planning officers.’ Architecture which is beautifully created, has a low carbon impact and performs well over time is integral to the wellbeing of society.

This month's projects ranging from Stogumber in Somerset and West Council, Stalbridge, North Dorset and Dalwood, East Devon.