Weekly Blog – 43

Another successful outcome, approval for the change of use of a carport to a home office, the internal alterations to a Grade II listed building in Dunkeswell Conservation Area, to create a larger bathroom where previously only a shower room existed and the lowering of a window on the first-floor landing.

The clients have waited patiently since 28 May 2021 for a decision made more urgent by the arrival of their first child.  It is difficult to believe that an application for listed building consent can take 5 months but this is average if we are lucky it will take less but this is the norm across all local authorities.

We managed to get an application approved in record time (8 weeks) in Somerset West and Taunton for very similar internal alterations including a home office.

Considering that the Government are encouraging us to work from home again it might be reasonable to assume that all applications relating to home offices would automatically receive support and be fast-tracked.  Or is that too much to ask?