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Weekly Blog – 4

Often clients come to me armed with their own strong ideas, they generally want to create a gem in the rough.  Our task is to negotiate on their behalf with planners and conservation officers, all historic buildings are subject to complex issues.  We are always keen to have a transparent and open dialogue about what can realistically be achieved within their budget.  We recommend our own team of contacts, historian, surveyor, engineer, ecologist landscape & tree consultant and try and match contractors to clients.

Weekly Blog – 1

Jolly good to be out and about working with a community group in North Dorset, seeking advice about a planning objection on heritage grounds. It is not always obvious what these tasks involve but 3 hours of walking the footpaths, consulting the Neighbourhood Plan, Local Plan and the NPPF usually identifies the key issues. The benefit of such face to face meetings is that we are able to appreciate the wider context, meet the people whose properties and views are affected and gain a better understanding of the area from both ground level and the highest landmark in the settlement, […]

January News

A new start and a new regime.  Unless on-site, office hours are strictly 8-12, 1-5 making time to consider the great outdoors which has been neglected for the last 3 months. Stepping up our online presence, with before and after pictures and interviews with clients, gaining first-hand insight into what went well and what the obstacles are encountered with listed building projects. Producing more sustainable outcomes in respect of wildlife habitats, reduction in the use of fossil fuels, solar options where permitted and use of sedum roofs to reduce landscape impact in sensitive locations, AONB’s and Conservation Areas.   A […]