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Park Lodge SouthSomerset

Weekly Blog – 38

This week we have received planning permission from South Somerset District Council for alterations and the erection of a two-storey extension and cladding of and re-refenestration of existing extensions at Park Lodge in East Coker 7 months after validation. The application was held up by a bat survey which can only be carried out during a small window between March and September.  The Building Regulations package is in production with a view to building in spring 2022.

Weekly Blog – 37

Tackling multiple projects simultaneously can prove quite difficult, but fortunately, we have a team of reliable colleagues who are managing their own areas of expertise. We are part way through a survey of a house near Stogumber, designing alterations to numerous listed buildings and writing reports to support these with input from our building surveyor, tree consultant and historian. Loads of applications in the system but almost all ‘stuck’ with extensions of time being requested daily.  It seems as if the projects which were scheduled for commencement this year will be waiting until 2022 due to the long lead-in time […]

Crook Hill Netherbury Conservation Area Architects Consultants

Weekly Blog – 36

According to Aristotle, “the whole is greater than a sum of its parts”. Collaboration is at the heart of our practice and has a myriad of benefits, such as the ability to pass on and receive ideas, skills and opinions, as well as building strong relationships within a multi-disciplinary field. Collaboration allows us to improve our efficiency and productivity in order to meet the needs and aspirations of our clients through clear communication, willingness and negotiation.

Something wonderful will happen

Weekly Blog – 35

This week we welcome our new associate Adrienne Ridler-Lee to the team to complement Peter’s skills in writing statements of heritage significance.  Adrienne has an established background in estate management having worked previously for local property agents Symonds & Sampson. We are on track to submit six applications for listed building consent in three different authorities this month; East Devon, Dorset and South Somerset.