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Weekly Blog – 11

This week has seen the survey of one property (without bats) and the change to the ecological protocol affecting all wildlife including bats, newts, dormice and hedgehogs so there is no excuse to avoid protection of these endangered species or for mitigation in all our schemes from 1 April 2022. It is clear that we now have to look at all hedges as well as buildings and trees for any evidence of wildlife, we thankfully can rely on a colleague to advise us accordingly. Katie Pollard is the Dorset Batwoman! How long will it be before apiaries are similarly protected?

Weekly Blog – 10

Pompous Management Announcement As of 1 May 2022 Angel Architecture will be operating a 4 day week with the office closed for one day during the working week. Research has proven that there is a significant rise in overall well-being—including better mental health and work-life balance—and, perhaps most pertinently, productivity levels remain the same or even increase, despite fewer hours. This has become necessary so that we can reduce energy and supply costs which we see as another benefit.  Also, there is a direct link between the happiness and productivity of staff. Having more opportunities for boosting wellbeing, such as […]

March News

This month started spectacularly with two new commissions, one in Kilmington and another in Netherbury. It is a great opportunity to work with Frank & Faber Interior Designers and to learn more about two very different historic buildings. It is always a case of synergy between clients and consultants. To date we have been fortunate to be introduced to clients via a third party. Thank you Sadie Snelson, local architect and client. 

Weekly Blog – 9

The opportunity to start another two exciting projects this week, one in East Devon and the other West Dorset, both farmhouses and both heated entirely by wood-burning stoves. The first is an extension to a mediaeval house and the other regularisation of works to a 1738 building of two halves.  The challenge is how to install a new kitchen into a 5 bedroom house which has many reception rooms but hardly any service rooms apart from 90’s extensions. The kitchen needs to be the heart of the home and it is reasonable to have direct access to the garden.  There […]