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News Update for December

After 9 months, planning permission and listed building consent was granted with 14 conditions, for 1 Church Street, Lyme Regis, last Friday.  This was the best Christmas present the clients could hope for after such a long wait.  Is this a record for the longest time taken to get consent or the maximum number of conditions?  It is galling that building owners and their agents have to jump through so many hoops when other equally simple applications are issued in less time with fewer (standard) conditions across the border in South Somerset and East Devon.  It’s about time the system […]

What we’re up to this month – December

What are we looking forward to most this Christmas?  Getting everyone their planning permission before the holiday starts.  Making positive changes, moving house, reducing travelling time, working from home in the New Year and keeping it local.   Scaling back on the festivities, even picnicking on the beach for an alternative Boxing Day lunch if we can find and unwrap all the accoutrements in time.  Acts of love will have to suffice this year, home-made presents and decorations with some carefully selected background music and candles. Wishing all our clients, colleagues and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New […]

What we’re up to this month – November

Grovelands Farmhouse – Testimonial “Someone once said to me ‘I know a lady and if she can’t get you through planning nobody can’, whether that is entirely true or not I cannot say, but what I do know is that Kim Sankey of Angel Architects worked wonders for us! Having had our Listed Planning Application turned down a year earlier I knew we needed someone who not only understood the planning process inside and out but who was equally good at communicating between client and planning department. Kim listened to our exact requirements, responding with sensitive and innovative ideas and […]

What we’re up to this month – October

Angel Architecture worked closely with the Client and Chris Gibbons, Conservation Builder to achieve a very traditional appearance to the first floor of this Grade II listed building. Formerly concealed behind cement render this clunch and flint elevation was carefully uncovered together with the lath and plaster to the rear of a gentrified staircase which projected into the masonry, repointed, rendered and limewashed using Rose of Jericho analysis and mixes.  The only difficulty was overcoming the vertical positioning of the new windows to the master bedroom and family bathroom since the external masonry wall extended well above ceiling level into […]